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This is a truly community-led campaign and we need your urgent support to reduce carbon emissions in Australia. 

Net Zero Code for Housing Community Group

The draft update to the National Construction Code (NCC – formerly the Building Code of Australia) Volume 2 for Housing is out for consultation.  We are an ad-hoc group of senior professionals, academics and consultants, very concerned about the possibility at missing this unique opportunity to improve the level of ambition in the NCC.  The opportunity to make changes does not come up very often so we can’t miss this chance.

Meet the Team:

Nigel Howard

Nigel is a Chemist by training and an expert in environmental ratings of buildings and infrastructure.  He has held influential positions in the UK as Director of Centre for Sustainable Construction, in the US as VP of US green Building Council and most recently as COO for the Green Building Council of Australia. Nigel  has consulted to a wide range of companies, governments and NGOs.  He founded the Edge Environment consultancy in Manly and has developed a unique tool for fully understanding the environmental or financial cost outcomes from design decisions as they are made.  

Nigel is the convenor for the Northern Beaches Climate Action Network.

Caroline Pidcock

Caroline is a renowned architect who, in 2021, won the national leadership in sustainability prize awarded by the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA).

She started her own architectural firm in 1992 and has an ethos based around creating places that are delightful, restorative and sustainable.

Caroline is the chairperson for ‘1 Million Women’ and the spokesperson for ‘Architects Declare a Climate and Biodiversity Emergency’. She acts as expert adviser domestically as well as overseas, most recently in the UK 2021 at the Built Environment summit. 

Caroline teaches at a number of universities in NSW.

Peter Newman AO

Peter is an environmental scientist, author and educator based in Perth, Western Australia. He is currently Professor of Sustainability at Curtin University.[1]

Peter has written 20 books and over 330 papers on sustainable cities and is most known for creating the term “automobile dependence” in the second half of the 1980s. He was closely associated with community opposition to the closure of the Fremantle Railway in 1979 and subsequent redevelopment of the metropolitan rail system from 1983 to the present. 

He is a lead author for transport on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

More of the Team…

David Arnott

LI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dave-arnott-a185763b/
Chris Buntine

Dick Clarke

 Imogen Corlette
 David Hood

Phil Wilkinson
 Graham Hunt

Web:https://www.dhwdesign.com/team  LI:https://www.linkedin.com/in/graham-hunt-0896224/
 Tiffany Lieuw

Rob MacLeod

Michael McElligott

David McEwen

 Lizzie Webb
Rod Simpson
Roderick SimpsonWeb:https://www.simpsonwilsonarchitects.com/about
Valerie Saaverdre Lux