Our Homes are Costing the Earth

 Spend 20 seconds to help cut Australia’s emissions by 20%

Australians deserve homes that are comfortable, cheap to run and great for the planet

Australia’s Housing accounts for 13% to 20% of our national total emissions

That has to drop to Zero long before 2050, ideally by 2030. The place to start is when building new homes.

It’s cheapest when it’s new.

Retrofitting houses is expensive. Making them Net Zero during the build adds less than 2% to upfront costs, but ongoing energy bills are next to nothing.

Enable Australians to live comfortably winter and summer without fear of the next power bill.

The National Construction Code is about to set a standard that still allows new homes to emit 5 tonnes of CO2 per year, when adding just 2% to the cost would cut emissions to net zero.

No radical change to the homes is needed, just a little more thought, better materials, efficient appliances and a bit more solar. Net zero emission homes have a higher resale value because they are super comfortable and cheap to run.

Watch the case for Net Zero Emission Homes

It’s good for people, for jobs, for Australia and for the planet

Net Zero Emission Homes are a win-win-win (except for the fossil fuel industry who opposes it).

Win for the people with close-to-zero bills.

Win for the country with extra long-term secure jobs.

Win for the planet with less CO2 (equivalent to planting 5,800,000 trees nationally p.a.)

144,000 Homes a year

In the midst of a climate emergency, the proposed updates to the National Construction Code are woefully inadequate. We know how to design and build net zero emission homes that combine energy efficient design with rooftop solar panels. And we have a fantastic opportunity to embed that knowhow into law right now.

Take Action

The National Code is developed by the States and Territories then adapted to their local conditions. Many State Ministers support a strong code but are fighting resistance from the Federal Government. We need to show the State Ministers our support to ensure they succeed. The time is now!

You can help by signing and sharing our petition and by writing to your minister. Also, talk to your friends and family. Make sure they know that this matters to you because then it will matter to them.


Sign our petition asking the State Ministers to set a Zero Emission target.


Write to your Ministers. Tell them your State needs stronger action.


Help tell others about this. We need your connections.